The Northeast Chapter of the ESD Association is dedicated to the advancement in theory and practice of the control of electrostatic discharge, electrical overstress and related phenomena. The Chapter strives for the education and professional advancement of its members. As the oldest Local Chapter of the ESD Association, The Northeast Chapter works closely with the Association to develop standards, provide information and assist in the education of its members. The Chapter holds general meetings for the exchange of technical information among its members and other interested parties.

The Northeast Chapter conducts ongoing chapter meetings that include featured speakers, plant tours and panel discussions on topics of interest to the chapter members. Drawing on strong local and national technical resources, the Northeast Chapter strives to keep its members aware of current industry trends, product development, and Association Standards.

In addition to chapter meetings the Northeast Chapter conducts a multi-day Regional Tutorial Program in conjunction with the ESD Association. The Regional Tutorial Program is typically held in May with technical presentations on ESD Basics, Auditing and other topics.